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Custom Designed Acrylic Awards

25-AWG Series-Acrylic Award5 images
  • 1-piece
  • 2-5" tall
  • 3/8" thick
50-AWG Series-Acrylic Award7 images
  • 1-Piece
  • 3-6" Tall
  • 1/2-3/4" Thick
100-AWG Series-Acrylic Award7 images
  • 1-Piece
  • 5-10" Tall
  • 1/2-3/4" Thick
200-AWG Series-Acrylic Award7 images
  • 2-Piece
  • 6-12" Tall
  • Varied Thickness
300-AWG Series-Acrylic Award7 images
  • 3-Piece
  • 9-12" Tall
  • Varied Thickness
400-AWG Series-Acrylic Award6 images
  • 4-6 Piece
  • 8-24" Tall
  • Varied Thickness
900-AWG Series-Acrylic Award7 images
  • 1-4 Piece
  • 5 x 7" to 48 x 96" Tall
  • Varied Thickness
Perpetual and Spinner Series-Acrylic Award4 images
  • 1-6 Piece
  • Varied Dimensions
  • Varied Thickness
We specialize in turning any logo into a unique award. We take the logo, shape, and colors, your budget, purpose and date needed, and manufacture unique designs for any recognition or achievement program which include Fortune 500 companies.
A discussion has to occur between the client and us about their concepts, ideas, & budget. The actual material we use for the acrylic awards will be based on the customer's artwork, rough sketch & budget. There is a 48 hour turnaround on design work and revisions. Pricing will be based on several factors including quantity, material used, finish applied, and personalization required. If limited information is supplied we will come up with a rough estimate. However if detailed requirements are supplied, then an exact quote will be issued. Of course there are always changes to the artwork and concept which is taken into consideration. We also have to discuss time frames needed by us and the customer.
Using acrylic opens-up a whole new world of awards. Using our advanced machinery, we can cut, shape, polish and add several colors to the design. We have unique printing capabilities to add several colors of decoration. Using acrylic, we can range from 1-piece construction up to 4-piece construction which makes the design capability endless. From your simple paperweight to free standing awards, and wall plaques there is no limit. Please view our example images for each series to give you an idea of what we can do with your logos.
There are no standard sizes when fabricating acrylic awards. This includes not only the height and width but the thickness as well. All the images shown represent several different thicknesses of acrylic. As a rule, the thicker the acrylic the more expensive the award. However, that is not the only thing that determines the cost. You must consider the shapes and polishing required.
All acrylic awards come in individual boxes that are pre-fabricated presentation boxes or custom made boxes to hold the specific acrylic awards. The boxes are designed to make sure the awards are not damaged in shipping.
After the specific plaque requirements are documented and understood, we will provide you with a quote with the production time. As a general rule, the following will be needed to quote the job: Style, artwork, size, quantity, and delivery date.

Example Pricing:
At the time of the quote, specific delivery date requirements are established such as the dates for production time, and delivery date. Design and artwork production times range from 2-3 days. Normal production of the actual product(s) are 2 weeks after the designs are approved not including transit. Transit of delivery ranges from 1-5 business days.